Warts And All You Need To Know

There are around 10 different types of warts and while they are all unsightly, most of the common varieties are harmless. Typically they either look like a small blister (but are solid to the feel), have a cauliflower appearance or a small, rough growth.

What Are Warts?

Warts are defined as small growths that appear on the skin. These growths are considered benign – meaning they are not cancerous.  In fact, for the most parts warts are considered completely harmless. Despite being harmless, most sufferers want to have their warts removed.  This is because warts are unattractive.  Warts can appear on just about any place of the body; however, they tend to occur on the feet, hands, neck, and face.

What Causes Warts?

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (aka HPV) which enters your body via tiny cuts or breaks in your feet and skin. Warts themselves are contagious and can be passed to others so it is best to not touch or scratch at your warts and always wash your hands using lots of soap if you do.

What Are The Different Types Of Wart?what causes warts

The common wart is almost always found on the hands and is a raised wart with a rough surface.

The Flat wart is usually found on the wrists and hands, knees, face and neck. They are flesh colored and as the name suggests are of a flattened appearance. Although small the flat wart can occur in large numbers.

The Planter wart (also known as a Veruca) is found on the heels or balls of your feet (hence the name). They are usually hard and have tiny black specks near the center. Of all the common warts, the Planter is probably the most painful due to their location.

Genital warts are small fleshy bumps that appear on and around the genitals. While they are painless and don’t actually pose any serious threat to your health they can cause psychological distress due to their location and appearance. You should refrain from any sexual activity until you have got rid of the warts.

Note: Genitals warts are caused by type 6 and type 11 HPV and it can take months and sometimes even years before warts appear AFTER being infected with either of these types of Human Papilloma Virus so a partner suddenly breaking out in genital warts or giving you genital warts has not necessarily been unfaithful to you.

Periungual warts occur under and around your finger and toe nails. They have a rough surface and can be painful as they can affect the shape of your nail.

Mosaic warts are commonly found on the palms of your hands or soles of your feet and are a cluster of plantar type warts growing in a tile like pattern.

Filiform warts are long and thin and are most commonly found on the neck or face.

How To Remove Warts

Due to the spread of HPV, wart removal has become big business. Burning the wart off with a CO2 laser or Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy is expensive and can be both painful and leave scars.

A visit to your Doctor or Dermatologist can be expensive too. Quite often they will use an over the counter wart treatment which you could have bought and applied yourself instead of paying them thousands of dollars to do it for you.

Best Nonprescription Wart Treatment?

One of the fastest acting wart removal products available today is Wartrol. Combining a variety of FDA approved ingredients and oils that attack the wart when applied directly, it provides a quick and painless solution that is clinically proven to work and costs pennies when compared to other types of wart treatments.watrol wart treatment

A recent study reported on CBS concluded that half of all American men are infected with HPV that causes warts and that 90% of those men are able to remove warts with an inexpensive over the counter treatment.

How To Use Wartrol

Once your Wartrol treatment arrives simply follow the 3 step instructions supplied with your bottle.

  1. Dip the application brush into the Wartrol liquid
  2. Apply the liquid to the wart or warts using the brush applicator and allow to air dry
  3. Wait around 20 minutes for the solution to begin dissolving the wart.

Repeat daily until the wart has completely gone.

Does It Work?

Here’s a small selection of testimonials left by people who have used Wartrol.

It took Wartrol one week to get rid of my warts. I was so impressed with this product I was blown away. I have yet to see a resurgence of any warts, but it’s only been a few days since they’ve gone, so I’ll keep you all updated. So far so good – five stars, awesome wonderful product that does exactly what it says.

D Stevenson – verified purchase – 5 out of 5

Wow. I’m so glad I found Wartrol. It’s true it works and quickly. In 1 week all my planter warts were gone and even the stubborn ones were nearly gone and I didn’t have any pain while we got rid of the last few layers.

I’d recommend this to anyone out there. Love love love this.

C Marlow – verified purchase – 5 out of 5

Honestly, I’m just writing this review because this product worked and did everything it said it would do. I would have liked it to be a little faster (took me 7 days to get rid of the thing) so that’s why I only gave it four stars.

But now its been a month and I have yet to see another one pop up. Loved it.

D Kyle – verified purchase – 4 out of 5 stars

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